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Fundación Fútbol para el Futuro

Creation date: 2013

Country: Colombia

Location: Medellin

Sector of activity: Education

Social issue: Education (access to education and skills)

Fundación Fútbol para el Futuro (Soccer for the Future Foundation) generates a positive impact through extracurricular pedagogical events that are accompanied by recreational and experiential programs applying soccer and other sports to create spaces of non-violence. "We created a methodology that impacts and enhances the living environment of children, teenagers, adults and families living in vulnerable communities, in situations of violence or who are in unfavorable health situations," explains one of its promoters, Carlos Eduardo Hernández . "This is how we manage to counteract the cultural and social variables that prevent an adequate psychological development and the integration of these people in society."

In addition, they develop educational programs intended to "deliver educational tools for the development of life projects". The foundation's social impact has been growing over the years through work with a growing number of child beneficiaries. It has managed to create several business models to ensure its sustainability, without relying on donations.