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Finca Tres Robles

Creation date: 2014

Country: USA

Location: Houston

Sector of activity: Agriculture, livestock, forestry and fishing · Culture, leisure and free time · Education · Energy, utilities and environment · Food and drinks · Healthcare and social services activities

Social issue: Education (access to education and skills) · Environment and rural settings · Healthcare

Small Places develops agricultural spaces as a tool for the creation of places that improve the health of the community. "We provide turnkey services for farm development (design, implementation, management, etc.), farm management and consulting services, as well as education,
community outreach, and job training focused on creating healthy spaces for the community", Says Daniel García Prats, co-founder of Finca Tres Robles.

Their clients are community and health related non-profits, municipalities with access or food security issues and entrepreneurs looking for innovative ways to approach community access and the health.
Finca Tres Robles' mission is to build "a culture of health in Houston through the placement of support centers in agricultural spaces." This way, farms become cornerstones for the promotion of green spaces, economic development, community spaces, educational programs, access to healthy foods, job training and with them, health improvement.