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Federación Indígena Empresarial y Comunidades Locales de México (CIELO)

Creation date: 2015

Country: Mexico

Location: Ciudad de México

Sector of activity: Wholesale and retail trade

Social issue: Financial inclusion

“Our work starts at the local level”, explains Cecilio Librado, an indigenous entrepreneur and founder of the network. “We offer advice and training in business matters, the rights of indigenous people, biodiversity, preservation of cultural heritage and round this off with marketing products and services to add weight to business ideas, help job creation and the local economy and sustainable use of resources.”

The idea of starting up the project came to him when he looked into the culture of his people: “Among the most important experiences in my life is the advice my mother and grandfather gave me: Study son so that the tomorrow you can help your people. This spurred me to join the national indigenous movement which allowed me to know indigenous Mexico, its roots, needs, riches and realities. The advice I got from my family and the reality I found drove me to create and take part in various organizations both local and national as well as international.”