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Creation date: 2014

Country: Colombia

Location: Bucaramanga

Sector of activity: Education

Social issue: Education (access to education and skills)

"We bring the wonders of the world to people small, intermediate or remote locations," explains one of the company's leaders, Gonzalo Jiménez.

The company offers the following spaces:

1- "Science Fiction" classroom-museum: An amazing journey to dream the future as imagined by writers and filmmakers,
2- "Faces of the World" classroom-museum: which showcases the diversity of the peoples of the world represented in their masks and ritual objects.

These are pedagogical experiences that are accessible to everyone. "Our service model allows reaching, with the average budget normally devoted to these activities, to cater to 10 times more, in better conditions and for a longer time," says Gonzalo. "We bring experiences of aesthetic and technical quality to the communities living in remote locations, far away from the capital cities." In addition, the company offers infrastructure rental and educational experience tailoring services, to meet the needs of governments and companies, helping them meet their needs and deliver on their community outreach action plans with innovative and appealing contents.