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Creation date: 2017

Country: Colombia

Location: Bucaramanga

Sector of activity: Building and housing · Education · Energy, utilities and environment

Social issue: Education (access to education and skills) · Environment and rural settings · Other

ENEF carries out small and medium scale engineering projects to change the way energy is used: "We offer the experience of generating electricity, installing solar panels in homes, hotels, shopping malls or cabins, in order to help save on bills and improve inefficient systems, while our customers help the planet," explains its CEO, Yuliany García Carrascal.

The activity of this company also involves raising public awareness: "We use educational and methodological tools, such as talks, interactive workshops and portable solutions that allow everyone to carry solar energy with them at all times."

ENEF provides "social, cultural, economic and environmental balance through efficient, autonomous and optimized systems that transform and enhance the quality of people's lives." To do this, they use solar energy to provide solutions for energy and environmental problems: "We take particular needs very seriously and design adaptable and customized systems, thus enabling simple and clear access to solar energy." ENEF wants as many people as possible to have access to solar energy with solutions in their homes, apartments, cell phones and even on their bicycles: "Our innovation is based on service. We have a simple methodology, based on the transmission of knowledge, which makes it easy to understand solar energy, sustainability and climate change, thus helping to narrow the gaps and curtail myths."