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Creation date: 2017

Country: USA

Location: Pacific Palisades

Sector of activity: Other industries · Telecommunications, hardware and software

Social issue: Digital solutions with high social impact

Elysii has a patented wearable device: The Impact Ring. It's a ring that works like ApplePay but without wifi or a battery. Its low cost allows the creation of sponsorship platforms that can be applied to fund collection programs to satisfy short and long-term requirements in addition to the care and support of the homeless.

The Impact Ring allows local communities to create rewards like coupons, tokens, and access to special events, “connecting cities, businesses, citizens and other interested parties in a combined effort to support the specific goal, such as collecting funds for affordable housing” states its CEO, Shelly Silverstein.

Elysii is considering new applications for its platform. “We can use the same technology in bracelets to expand the line of products.” explains Shelly. “Our Impact Rings can be customized with logos and engraved “online” as a gift for someone else or as business accessories, to give the customer a product with a difference.”