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El oasis del platano

Creation date: 2017

Country: Colombia

Location: Arauca

Sector of activity: Agriculture, livestock, forestry and fishing

Social issue: Environment and rural settings

The Oasis del Plátano is dedicated to the production of the Harton plantain: "We implement staggered plantings that allow us to maintain constant production and lasting jobs," says the leader, Anderson Fabián Páez. "This work is done to create employment and development opportunities in a vulnerable area. We started with the Fondo Emprender del Sena and now we are independent."

The company is located in an area where armed groups have significant influence: "But we stand every day as an example to follow and provide opportunities for employment and self-improvement." The mission of the project is to generate a change of approach, toward a form of agriculture that is more responsible with natural resources: "We are currently in the process of certification in Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)."

The Oasis del Plátano is a commitment to innovation in its productive scheme of sowing and harvesting by lots in different cycles: "This has secured for us constant production, as well as a monthly cash flow." The benefits to the community are manifold: "It results in constant employment and a trade for young people who suffer many adversities, both because of the conflict and because of the scarcity of opportunities." The company offers them the opportunity to work and advance in their professional career with a stable salary: "Thanks to these resources they can study and start up their own ventures."