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Creation date: 2005

Country: Mexico

Location: Guadalajara

Sector of activity: Energy, utilities and environment

Social issue: Environment and rural settings

How to help companies handle their solid waste in a way that is environmentally friendly is what led the entrepreneur Isis Osorno found Ecole. This social enterprise prevents 180 tons of waste every month from being sent to landfills, using a clear method for work: first teach companies to separate their waste and then transport them to the Ecole facilities.

They also destroy materials, expired products or dead files. "In this way we guarantee the clients that their brand is protected by eliminating a product that cannot be sold any more, and we buy recyclable materials from them," says Isis. Ecole also works on integrated waste management, meaning managing and explaining to companies how to separate their resources more efficiently.

Ecole is also open to family and school visits.

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