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Eco Biosis

Creation date: 2014

Country: Mexico

Location: Veracruz

Sector of activity: Energy, utilities and environment

Social issue: Environment and rural settings

Mexico's alcohol industry generates over 650 million liters (about 171.71 million gallons) of alcoholic beverages a year. About 17 liters of effluents are released for every liter of alcohol produced. These effluents are generally 300 times more polluting than wastewater. This liquid, also known as "vinasse", due to its physicochemical properties and characteristics is very hard and expensive to treat.

Distilleries, for the most part, lack the resources, tools or knowledge to tackle this type of waste. Therefore, vinasses many times end up in rivers, lakes, seas, drainage and farmland, resulting in severe environmental and social problems that are, in most cases, irreversible.
Eco Biosis transforms industrial waste effluents from distillation processes into BioDispersis®, a product that can be used as a natural dispersant and plasticizing agent in chemical additives used within a diverse range of industries.