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Domino Volunteers

Creation date: 2015

Country: Colombia

Location: Cartagena

Sector of activity: Other industries

Social issue: Other

Domino Volunteers serves as a bridge between the international community and the local community of Cartagena: "We find and coordinate volunteers, practitioners, researchers, donors, and groups from foreign universities or companies to donate their time, know-how and/or resources to local communities in a way that is sustainable and has an impact," explains Christina Kuntz, co-founder and project director.

The company was born in 2015 with the intention of supporting organizations in need of additional resources. Today they support more than 30 foundations, public schools and community groups in Cartagena: "In addition to connecting the international community with these social projects, we also do workshops, meetings and community support programs."

Domino Volunteers offers opportunities through the coordination of individuals or groups who wish to donate their time or resources: "We sell packages that can include accommodation, meals, logistics and so on." The response has been really positive: "Already in 2019 we have seen major growth with more volunteers, a large donation from an international company that we linked to a community, and the coordination of a group of 100 volunteers. We have grown every year."