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Creation date: 2018

Country: Colombia

Location: Bogotá

Sector of activity: Education

Social issue: Education (access to education and skills)

Dokuma is an organization that works on social transformation through a series of processes of educational innovation. "At Dokuma we believe that education is the main element for unlocking growth and social transformation in the world, so we are confident and committed to the formation and transformation of institutions for the construction of a society that is prepared for the new challenges of the twenty-first century," explains its CEO, Diana Alexandra Calderón.

This company has two service lines:

1. Training in educational innovation: through congresses, courses, workshops and diplomas.
2. Creation and implementation of educational innovation projects according to the needs of the institutions.

At present, traditional educational models have undergone major transformations. "For this reason, it is of vital importance the permanent training and refreshing of teachers, institutions, boys and girls to prepare them for the new challenges of today's education." Dokuma offers both face-to-face and virtual participatory methodologies: "We seek to transform the practices of all actors involved."

This educational company is in constant renovation: "At present, thanks to the needs detected in our educational innovation congresses, we have created new lines of services that strengthen the capacities of all people interested in transforming themselves and training in the new trends in education: graduate courses, seminars, courses and workshops on different topics related to innovation in education."