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Creation date: 2012

Country: Mexico

Location: Nuevo León

Sector of activity: Other industries

Social issue: Environment and rural settings

Fernando Noroña has been in the plastic recycling business since 2012. At the start the company was limited to recycling and moving waste to other countries. But Fernando felt that he had to incorporate a social element into his company. He therefore opted to begin to make people aware of social and environmental values through recycling. People scavenging for plastic (called "pepenadores") are paid a fee according to the amount of recyclable plastics they have collected. These plastics are then managed by micro-enterprises.

According to Fernando, up to 500 to 600 kilos a day can be collected by a single collection center and its clients have enthusiastically accepted Delatrec's strategy. It has not only a social, but also ecological impact, as thanks to the activity of the scavengers, large amounts of waste are removed from the streets.

Fernando is proud of the micro-enterprises that have emerged around Deltarec. "Some of them generate employment, generate wealth for others because they pay their taxes and have a credible credit history."

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