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Creation date: 2012

Country: Spain

Location: Barcelona

Sector of activity: Textile, footwear and accessories · Wholesale and retail trade

Social issue: Other

Coshop joined BBVA Momentum 2014 clearly intending to focus its growth strategy and stay firmly on that path. Its community of designers of sustainable fashion is growing fast and proving that it can compete with quality products manufactured in a spirit of social and environmental awareness.

Coshop sells high-quality designer fashion, and does not follow the tendencies of major multinationals, making it a highly selective product. The clothing and accessories are produced following criteria of sustainability and respect for the environment and the workplace, so the entry process is very rigorous: “We ask designers to describe the whole of their manufacturing process, and we sign an agreement with them where they guarantee their production is local”, explains Nieves Torres, founder of Coshop. “We reserve the right to make on-site checks in their workshops, although in many cases the workshop is in their own homes, and they themselves are the only labor involved. At the point-of-sale we verify the quality of the garment –discarding any that are not fit for sale– and ensure that the information on the labeling is correct".

The method works, and Coshop, thanks to its good practices and to funding from BBVA, is now opening new stores and promoting more local designers. "Most come to Coshop looking for support for marketing their products. The fact is that in many cases they're not ready to go to market, or the process they've followed has led them to adopt the wrong pricing and image policies. So our work is to guide and advise them”, says Nieves.

Work still needs to be done to raise awareness in consumers. Nieves is very clear about this: “More than sensitivity, there's a lack of knowledge. If the Asian factories were right next to our homes there would certainly be a major change in purchasing criteria”.

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