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Corpturismo Funza

Creation date: 1997

Country: Colombia

Location: Funza

Sector of activity: Energy, utilities and environment · Other industries

Social issue: Environment and rural settings · Other

area of special importance since it is part of the water network of the Bogotá River basin. "It is an area of rest and mitigation of negative impacts, in addition to a great source of biological diversity, cultural heritage, a regulator of water resources and water supply for irrigation," says Henry Canro Macías, manager of Corpturismo Funza. "The mission is to restore the wetlands in order to conserve and protect the ecosystem, as this constitutes natural wealth and a legacy for future generations."

The activity of this social enterprise is freeing this natural environment from invasive species and it has the approval of the community that lives in it. The ecosystem is changing and new areas are being recovered. In addition, Corpturismo Funza does a social awareness work by generating environmental benefits in this wetland, and it designs its own machinery. "With the project we hope to achieve the cleaning of the water mirror, thus showing in turn the usefulness of the machinery created by the corporation," explains Henry. "In the area of the wetland where the work is currently being carried out, the municipality is planning the subsequent construction of an environmental park."