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Coco Chavita

Creation date: 2005

Country: Mexico

Location: Sinaloa

Sector of activity: Other industries

Social issue: Healthcare

Coco Chavita is a company with its eyes on the sea, and specifically on one of its creatures: the sea cucumber. This social enterprise has developed its bio-technology using extracts from this animal. Delia Simental, the CEO, gives a number of examples of how its research can be put into practice: "We contribute to the bioprinting industry and artificial organs that use collagen fiber." The energy, food and pharmaceutical industry are other beneficiaries of Coco Chavita.

The company was created in 2005 when Delia, who has a PhD in Biotechnology, decided she wanted to support the economic development of the communities in Sinaloa by dehydrating mango for export. "A few years later we received a technology transfer from China for the production of sea cucumber and we started to work with it and to dehydrate it," she recalls.

Delia is extremely confident about the research being carried out with the sea cucumber and other marine species. "We want to contribute to the pharmaceutical industry through the new anti-carcinogens or the energy industry to find increasingly clean and sustainable sources of energy."

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