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Clínicas del Azúcar

Creation date: 2011

Country: Mexico

Location: Nuevo León

Sector of activity: Healthcare and social services activities

Social issue: Healthcare

From a very young age Javier Armando Lozano experienced all the difficulties shared by many diabetes sufferers in Mexico, and he set out to do something to solve them.

During a stay abroad while pursuing a master's at MIT, he embarked on a project to find a way to use technology to diagnose people and come up with a better treatment for diabetes. "This prompted me to speak to my mother for the first time about this disease, which she herself suffers, and she told me how tough it was, how lonely she felt", says Javier Armando.

This was the start of Clínicas del Azúcar, aimed at providing coverage for people suffering from diabetes in Mexico and who lack sufficient economic resources. According to Javier Armando: “I wanted us to become a convenience store for diabetes: there should be one on each corner, to give people cheap and easy access to treatment. And that's where the health clinic concept originated".

These clinics are highly efficient technological centers which represent a cost savings of almost 70% for patients and an 80% reduction in time, because since everything is in the same place, they only need to make one visit. "We offer medical care, a laboratory and a product store. We want to improve a person's experience with their diabetes, so we bring together everything the patient needs".

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