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Clínica Humana

Creation date: 2011

Country: Spain

Location: Palma de Mallorca

Sector of activity: Healthcare and social services activities · Telecommunications, hardware and software

Social issue: Digital solutions with high social impact · Healthcare

According to the Ministry of Energy's latest report on digital health, new technologies can contribute to the sustainability of the health system. In Europe, and particularly in Spain, increased life expectancy has led to skyrocketing healthcare costs rising to 78 billion euros per year. The use of Big Data and mHealth could reduce the per capita cost of health by up to 18%. In this situation, companies such as Clínica Humana are becoming increasingly necessary. "We inspire hope, contribute to social development and improve the quality of life, with commitment and confidence," explain two of those responsible, Karina Ojanguren and José Carretero.

This social enterprise aims to guarantee its patients an excellent healthcare service at home thanks to a working system that combines technological innovation with healthcare provided by a highly qualified team.

The company is strongly committed to technology. Thanks to this, they have managed to treat chronic patients in an innovative way. Clínica Humana has managed to create the first virtual coordinator center (Humana Brain) for the monitoring and control of patients at home. It is a system of artificial intelligence that acts as a "brain". The system is coordinated through Rosa, the virtual assistant that controls and monitors patients and communicates with them simply and directly through a natural language and a simple chat system.