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Ciima Sustentable

Creation date: 2014

Country: Mexico

Location: Ciudad de México

Sector of activity: Building and housing · Energy, utilities and environment

Social issue: Affordable Housing · Environment and rural settings

This company carries out engineering projects that focus on sustainability. Its works achieve reductions in energy and water consumption through the design of efficient and responsible consumption. Ciima Sustentable specializes in vertical residential and/or social buildings that offset greenhouse-gas emissions through carbon credits in projects with a high social and environmental impact in Oaxaca. “We manage to incorporate in traditional design the new technologies available in the consumption of drinking water by using rainwater, treating water and achieve energy efficiency and carry out bioclimatic or sustainable design to reduce the environmental impact of buildings in urban areas”, explains developer Andrés Chasco. “At the same time we promote and link social development in rural areas through available environmental services to offset the environmental impact of urban buildings”.

Ciima Sustentable is looking to grow and expand its social impact throughout the Mexican capital. “We want the majority of new houses built in Mexico City to offset greenhouse-gas emissions through the voluntary carbon credit market”, Andrés says. “This would allow marginalized communities in the Oaxaca hills to have more resources from conservation services, maintenance and forestry use in the Oaxaca range, thereby reducing migration, creating jobs and limiting deforestation for farming activities”.

The social impact of Ciima Sustentable also covers the human aspect. “We focus on the personal development of our collaborators and on incentives and personal motives that make them feel responsible for the social development of Mexico”, Andrés explains. “Without this shared sense of social responsibility we couldn’t get them to pull on the team jersey for every project and put a 100-percent effort in.”