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Cesar Eduardo Amaya Urrego

Creation date: 2010

Country: Colombia

Location: Medellin

Sector of activity: Building and housing

Social issue: Affordable Housing

"We build any type of architectural space in our shops and then carry it to the almost-finished site", explains founder César Eduardo Amaya. Only the foundations, electricity, gas and water installations are built at the construction site. This social enterprise offers innovative solutions to tackle every imaginable complexity affecting a project: "We have modular models for places that are hard to get to," says César Eduardo. "Our solutions can be used for any purpose and can accommodate to the needs public or private housing entity.

César Eduardo Amaya Urrego's goal is to quickly and efficiently deliver solutions that breathe a new life into the spaces in which it works, without compromising quality, affordability, design or sustainability. "We adapt a constructive system that's revolutionizing the world to Colombian standards: modular construction," explains César Eduardo. "All our prices are final." The company offers a policy with its customers guaranteeing that they will be charged no extra-costs, and that the project will be completed in less than half the time and at a lower cost than a conventional project..

In Colombia, modular systems are widely accepted and have already been used to build different types of constructions in a number of projects.