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Casa para ensamblar

Creation date: 2010

Country: Mexico

Location: Cuernavaca

Sector of activity: Building and housing

Social issue: Affordable Housing

Adolfo Anguiano decided to create a system of self-assembled homes by which a family with limited resources can construct its own home in three days. "And without any complicated tools," he adds. Casas para Ensamblar is his social enterprise by which around 40 homes have already been constructed in towns in Morelos.

Adolfo explains that the materials are of good quality, as they are pieces that can be assembled, prepared with a combination of recycled wood and polymer. "You don't have to be a builder."

Another of the interesting points about this enterprise is that the family itself can decide when and how to grow their home, as it is 100% modular. You can grow by one room or two, give yourself more space bit by bit, according to your budget.

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