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Bolet Ben Fet

Creation date: 2009

Country: Spain

Location: Barcelona

Sector of activity: Agriculture, livestock, forestry and fishing

Social issue: Diversity (people in state of exclusion, minorities and people with disabilities)

Bolet Ben Fet, a company dedicated to the cultivation of mushrooms, was created from the association between an entrepreneur and the TEB organization, with the goal of finding opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities.

The entrepreneur was Carles Díaz. Marta Gallego is project manager for this social enterprise. Carlos began by producing shiitake mushrooms in a small farm, but the increasing volume led to his contacts with TEB, which had a farm set up for producing mushrooms. "They suggested I grow mushrooms with them. TEB had personnel that adapted badly to the industrial production they were carrying out and I began with these guys."

Carlos quickly threw himself into working with the young people. He was happy that they wanted to dedicate themselves to agriculture, which is an activity that is highly recommendable for people of like this, as they quickly become involved in all kinds of processes. "They see the preparation, sowing, growth, harvest. They experience everything more keenly and see when the harvest has been bad and when it hasn't. It is good from the mental point of view but also in the physical aspect. In agriculture you move around and this is also positive for your mental state. Working with them is more emotional at all levels," says Carlos.