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Creation date: 2015

Country: Colombia

Location: Manizales

Sector of activity: Healthcare and social services activities

Social issue: Healthcare

Bive is a social organization that connects the vulnerable population, especially the rural population, farmers and coffee growers, with health services, such as general and specialized medicine, diagnostic services (medical imaging, laboratory, etc.) and wellness services. Through a family membership with single annual cost, these individuals can access faster, quality medical services. As Andrés Felipe Gómez, Bive's executive director, explains: "We want to transform the way health services are targeted for low-income populations in Colombia."

Barriers to access to health services in Colombia make it difficult for the rural population to access early diagnosis and disease prevention in a timely manner: "Bive, as part of the innovative solution, generates alliances with a network of health professionals and connects them with the vulnerable rural population." Through social innovation projects, it brings diagnostic services to the municipalities furthest away from the coffee-growing axis, ensuring care through health promoting entities and educating families in the care of their health.

In addition, the company generates social projects, manages international and national cooperation resources and executes and evaluates projects targeted at the rural population of the coffee