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Creation date: 2018

Country: USA


Sector of activity: Agriculture, livestock, forestry and fishing · Food and drinks · Other industries

Social issue: Environment and rural settings · Other

"We've partnered with organic coffee producers in Costa Rica to import this ingredient, which is normally discarded. We produce cold brewed cascara and mix it with ginger and botanicals to create unique flavors at our own processing facilities in San Diego," explains Bevea founder Kabir Gambhir. "Currently, we sell our beverages directly to consumers, and to retailers in Southern California through a local distributor. We're improving our business model constantly by directly interacting with consumers who love our drinks."

This company is passionate about the sustainable opportunities it sees in food waste, "a global problem, where 1.3 trillion tons of food are wasted every year." Most people do not think about the waste when they're enjoying their coffee: "Annual coffee production generates 40 million tons of agricultural waste that ends up polluting the land and rivers surrounding coffee farms. Our goal is to put an end to these wasteful and polluting practices and, at the same time, show the industry that a sustainable and organic cascara-based drink is not only a reality, but also delicious."