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Bendita Aurora

Creation date: 2015

Country: Colombia

Location: Bogotá

Sector of activity: Agriculture, livestock, forestry and fishing · Wholesale and retail trade

Social issue: Environment and rural settings · Healthcare

Bendita Aurora is a brand of 100% natural Colombian cosmetic products made using traditional methods and based on organic botanical ingredients, grown in reforested areas of the country. Its primary aim is transparency, offering cosmetics and products for personal care that are completely healthy and do not pose any risk to people's health or the environment.

“We achieve all this by using non-contaminating ingredients and processes in the preparation of our products. This way women can feel calm, healthy and secure while we care for the planet”, says its director Luisa Cavanzo. The company's star product is “Esencia de vida” (Life essence), the only 100% natural plant-based deodorant on the market, developed from extracts of flowers and fruits in Colombia.

Each Bendita Aurora product is prepared using traditional methods by Colombian women, most of whom are mothers and heads of households and who have revived the best ancestral recipes from ingredients grown organically in Colombia. All the products in this company are free from animal experimentation and contain plant-based ingredients as they use no animal derivatives such as bee honey or cow's or goat's milk.