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Bayro Mexicana

Creation date: 2014

Country: Mexico

Location: Aguascalientes

Sector of activity: Building and housing · Energy, utilities and environment

Social issue: Affordable Housing · Environment and rural settings · Other

Bayro Mexicana is a fully sustainable metallurgical company that handles strong commercial and competitive pressure to offer the best financial returns and growth. One of its mottos is: "Saving our environment for the FUTURE." Its vision has always been to use metallurgy to create a great means for production while serving our world. At the same time, the company feels responsible for its employees as well as the workers in its suppliers' factories, and of course also for the environment.

The company takes caring for the environment very seriously: "Environmental responsibility is more than just recycling and proper waste disposal. When we design products, we produce them carefully with special materials to minimize the environmental impact," explain its founders.

"By assuming our environmental responsibility we contribute to the quality we are aiming for by making good quality pieces that reduce the amount disposed of in landfills, as well as the purchase of raw materials. We have a recycling program in which our aim is to recycle everything through our process."