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Bajoelagua Factory

Creation date: 2006

Country: Spain

Location: Bilbao

Sector of activity: Agriculture, livestock, forestry and fishing

Social issue: Environment and rural settings

When we think of a wine cellar we immediately imagine an underground space full of enormous wooden casks containing delicious wines. However, a Basque company has broken with tradition and created a different concept of wine cellar with a social purpose. It's called BajoelAgua Factory.

This company has created an underwater wine cellar for aging the wines from its own brand: Crusoe Treasure. It sells its bottles internationally as luxury items, and this acts as the driving force for the real purpose of the BajoelAgua Factory: to revitalize the marine ecosystem and safeguard the species that live in it. “The challenge lies in combining the luxury side with the sustainability aspect. In addition to its quality, many clients really appreciate what it stands for and the underlying project”, says Borja Saracho, one of the promoters of the initiative.

Their wine cellar is installed in the Bay of Plentzia (Bilbao), where it acts as an artificial reef for numerous marine species who find refuge from the tides and from human activity. Thanks to this company, this highly degraded space which was practically devoid of life is now being repopulated. They are also raising awareness of what is being done there, while promoting sensitivity towards our seas and the life in them.

They plan to expand internationally to continue reminding the public of the importance of safeguarding the marine environment.

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