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Creation date: 2011

Country: Mexico

Location: Ciudad de México

Sector of activity: Energy, utilities and environment · Transportation, storage and logistics

Social issue: Environment and rural settings

In a city grid-locked with traffic like Mexico City, it was inevitable that there should be a social enterprise such as Aventones that promotes the shared use of private transport as a more ecological form of mobility. The users of this network have software that allows the members of an organization to find common routes and people to share their journeys.

For Cristina Palacios, its general manager, this has two basic impacts: "fuel is used more efficiently as more people are moved in the same vehicle and environmentally polluting emissions are reduced." Aventones also generates a social awareness among its users: "They see means of transport for what they are, means of transport, not luxuries or status objects," according to Cristina.

Since 2015 Aventones has been part of BlaBlaCar.

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