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Aspanias Burgos

Creation date: 1985

Country: Spain

Location: Burgos

Sector of activity: Energy, utilities and environment

Social issue: Diversity (people in state of exclusion, minorities and people with disabilities)

The Aspanias Group joined Momentum 2015 as the winner of BBVA's 7th Integra Award. Their work towards integrating people with intellectual disabilities and at risk of exclusion in both society as a whole and in their own company was their best credential.

The team at Aspanias is committed to the well-being of its users, to whom they give employment in different activities. From among their multiple initiatives, they chose to submit to Momentum a project with positive repercussions on the lives of older people living in rural environments. Aspanias saw that as they lived far from healthcare centers they lacked the necessary services and medical attention, and set out to address the problem. “We bring the service to them and provide care in their own environment, thereby improving their quality of life. We also provide employment for people with disabilities, who are the ones who perform these services for our users, such as cleaning the house, support and company, among other things. We need to be rigorous in identifying the needs of the community”, explains María Ortega, one of the project's managers.

Their mission is to implement this model throughout the province of Burgos. Their growth plan is designed to improve people's quality of life, generate jobs and –as a result– to boost the local economy.

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