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Asociados App

Creation date: 2014

Country: Colombia

Location: Bogotá

Sector of activity: Telecommunications, hardware and software

Social issue: Digital solutions with high social impact

There are no apps for the solidarity sector in Colombia (employee funds and cooperatives) capable of integrating the whole range of social, mutual, transactional and collaborative human activities.

Aware of this need, Asociados App has developed the only mobile app in Colombia for the solidarity sector. In 15 days, this tool provides cooperatives with their own administrator panel, their name in IOS and Android stores, transactional services, and a network of agreements, support courses, surveys and push notifications, among other features. This app gives them everything they need at a low cost so their associates can log on whenever they want and play an active part in the decisions of their enterprise or organization, services, agreements and cooperative principles.

The network currently has 48,000 associates nationwide and 21,000 active associates.

Asociados App manages to rapidly incorporate enterprises into the mobile world at affordable prices so they can create a community that integrates all the enterprises and organizations without losing their own autonomy. This is an app that all its members are continually working to improve. This technology solution provides cooperatives with a private area with their logo, corporate colors, control panel, sections, modules, connections to a web service and their own content.