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Creation date: 2013

Country: Colombia

Location: Bogotá

Sector of activity: Textile, footwear and accessories

Social issue: Environment and rural settings

Ártika is a brand that appreciates the value of each of its products, and encourages its customers to regard them in the same way. Its mission is to “create value for all its stakeholders”. The company seeks to disseminate and raise awareness of its top-quality leather goods with all the latest design trends and using national talent, thus promoting its product range and generating new business opportunities.

Ártika develops and designs products that have an impact on the industry with high-value results that are well-regarded in the fashion and business sector. Its products are designed for people who appreciate quality, creativity and distinction in all its forms. Each accessory is produced with special attention to detail. Thanks to this project, Ártika preserves the tradition of the Wayuú people and their colorful fabrics.