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Aroma Verde

Creation date: 2007

Country: Colombia

Location: Inirida

Sector of activity: Agriculture, livestock, forestry and fishing · Education · Energy, utilities and environment

Social issue: Education (access to education and skills) · Environment and rural settings

Aroma Verde is dedicated to facilitating projects of rural development in indigenous communities in the northeastern Colombian Amazon through research, the promotion of the sustainable use of biodiversity and the improvement of the quality of life through green ventures. "Tourism for educational and conservation purposes is the raison d'être of our organization," says its coordinator, Ligia Yaneth Giraldo. "We reinvest funds to finance projects in our line of sustainable use of biodiversity. For example, we have a stingless beekeeping project in order to create the honey route, and we are consolidating the MORU Nature Reserve, a space for innovation in services."

The Amazon is playing an increasingly important role in the fight against climate change and the conservation of its forests will only happen if people share this interest. For this reason, Aroma Verde performs important educational work through its tourism projects: "The spirit that is driving this initiative has ever greater recognition and more and more tourists are making the decision to visit this place with the Aroma Verde Biological Foundation due to the inclusiveness, innovation and consistency with its mission."