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Creation date: 1984

Country: Spain

Location: Barcelona

Sector of activity: Other industries · Transportation, storage and logistics

Social issue: Diversity (people in state of exclusion, minorities and people with disabilities)

An enterprise offering design, digital and offset printing, merchandising, large format, post-impression and courier services. All these services are offered by Apunts, which defines itself as a "social economy company." This work is carried out by around 80 people, of whom more than 80% are people with certified mental health disabilities who receive continuous job training.

The history of Apunts is linked to that of Joia Foundation, a foundation that has for 30 years been offering free social and employment services to people with mental health disorders. One of its aims is to become better known, promote recognition by companies that contract its services and thus establish successful bridge relations between ordinary companies and companies in the social economy.

As well as being a company of a clearly social character, Apunts selects its suppliers according to criteria of quality, proximity and environmental aspects.

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