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Creation date: 2014

Country: Colombia

Location: Cali

Sector of activity: Wholesale and retail trade

Social issue: Digital solutions with high social impact · Diversity (people in state of exclusion, minorities and people with disabilities) · Other

Andinorganic markets internationally specialty coffees from communities of small-scale farmers located in conflict zones. The company has created its own seal, called "Transparent Trade." The mark gives visibility to producers, their culture and their histories, in order to increase their income, promote food security and boost alternative development processes.

Its objective is to be a leading organization in the construction of visibility strategies for small producer communities and in the marketing of products with the Transparent Trade seal. "The most important thing is to make the small producer more visible as a means of lending them dignity and as a strategy to support the processes of social and productive construction undertaken by the communities themselves," says Julio César Bueno, the leader of this initiative. "We are also building a new consumer experience that allows consumers to enjoy the organoleptic quality characteristics of a unique coffee while hearing about it from the mouth of the producer himself."

Andinorganic strengthens producer-final consumer traceability and functions as a dissemination channel for communities and their peacebuilding processes. The producer is a member of the seal, not a supplier of raw materials. Therefore, the producer receives commissions derived from marketing. The profits are directly focused on increasing the producer's income and carrying out projects that address community problems.