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Agua Inmaculada

Creation date: 2003

Country: Mexico

Location: Puebla

Sector of activity: Food and drinks

Social issue: Healthcare

In many parts of Mexico and the rest of the world there is a lack of access to purified water or only at a very high price only within the reach of some sectors of the population. Agua Inmaculada helps address this social problem by manufacturing equipment for purifying water. So far, it has started up 9,000 water purification plants in Mexico and other countries such as Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador and Brazil. “Using purifiers, we can supply water to marginalized communities cheaply”, says company founder Eymar Arguello.

Agua Inmaculada has reinvented the way purified water is sold in Mexico and America with its own technology and patents. The company has designed, manufactured and installed more than 79,000 purification plants allocated to family enterprises.
It has output of 100 new units a month which leads to shared wealth in the form of more than 35,000 direct and indirect jobs and above all “access to high-quality purified water at fair prices to people with limited resources that improves their quality life and inspires many people to start their own business”.