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Abasto Verde

Creation date: 2010

Country: Mexico

Location: Ciudad de México

Sector of activity: Wholesale and retail trade

Social issue: Environment and rural settings

“We have ecological and affordable alternatives for increasing the number of users that can make this switch in consumer habits”, the head of the enterprise, Amelia Guadarrama, explains. The aim is to continually increase the number of groups adhering to responsible consumption. “Our target is to grow 30 percent in terms of the number of users,” she says”.

The biodegradable market in Mexico is relatively new. It started 12 years ago in Monterrey with direct imports from the United States. “It’s still an imperfect market”, Amelia says. “There aren’t enough suppliers, and although demand is growing by 25 percent a year, the response to this is limited by the fact we are totally dependent on the Chinese market.” The market needs readily available biodegradable products at an affordable price and there is a long road ahead for the sector to get there. “The biodegradable market segment is miniscule compared with the disposable plastics one and any form of help in replacing plastics is crucial”.