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A Caring Safe Place

Creation date: 1997

Country: USA

Location: Houston

Sector of activity: Building and housing · Healthcare and social services activities

Social issue: Affordable Housing · Diversity (people in state of exclusion, minorities and people with disabilities)

A Caring Safe Place, Inc. provides services and runs programs related to housing, as well as social services supporting people in a situation of exclusion who do not have a home, are infected by HIV or victims of drug addiction.

This social enterprise has constructed a transitional home where beneficiaries can participate in a life-impacting program lasting a maximum of 24 months. Clients participate in support groups, individual and group counseling sessions, day treatment, etc. Those who are able to work participate in a job training program.

A Caring Safe Place also has an apartment complex for the homeless called Lydia's Place Apartments. It offers fifteen apartments for drug-free males living with HIV/AIDS. Residents may live in Lydia's Place as long as they are compliant with program rules and guidelines. Support services are also available for residents and their family members.

Other services offered by the company include intake and assessment, care coordination, health education, day treatment, skills training workshops and assistance with gaining access to benefits or services at state and federal government level.