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400 voices

Creation date: 2017

Country: USA

Location: Houston

Sector of activity: Education

Social issue: Education (access to education and skills)

“Our motto is: “You can learn something new in less than 10 minutes” says their chairman, José Pablo Fernández. “We create ‘Parent Committees’ in public schools to get them involved in the education of their children and learn about their educational needs. We are concerned by the parents’ lack of understanding about the American educational system.” 400 Voices also offers information and short lessons about business to support the small businesses, always in collaboration with leading organizations.

There are three fundamental aspects to this company's innovation:

1- The creation of “Parent Committees” in the public schools to get mothers involved in their children’s education.
2- The creation of an educational model for the target audience based on cellphones.
3- Collaboration with community colleges to increase student enrollment.

Part of 400 Voices educational project consists of offering basic education over PACT Mobile in collaboration with community colleges and business associations so that Hispanic parents – from gardeners to small business people – can improve their business output and gain certification that will help them increase their income. “In our project, the whole family should come out ahead.”