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Creation date: 2014


Location: Baja California Sur

Sector of activity: Agriculture, livestock, forestry and fishing

Social issue: Environment and rural settings

SmartFish is a social enterprise consisting of two business areas: an incubator for business projects and a distributor of foodstuff. The incubator trains communities in sustainable fishing to produce extremely high-quality fish and the distributor is responsible for selling the fish.

Its founder, Hoyt Peckham, looked at the life of Mexican fishermen and analyzed the issue of marine overexploitation and decided to do something about it: "Social impact includes slavery or something very similar to slavery like despotism, the marginalization of the fishing sector and the overexploitation of resources that are important not only for human consumption and food safety in Mexico but also for marine ecosystems."

Indiscriminate fishing also has other consequences that consumers are unable to image when they buy fish: "Another major environmental impact is the bycatch. When you buy shrimp, you are encouraging the mortality of many turtles or when you buy other species, you are encouraging the mortality of sharks and dolphins, for example," explains Hoyt.
SmartFish can offer fishermen and cooperatives a profit between 50% and 150% higher than the market price. Later, the company distributes the fish to several sales channels and generates a transparent intermediation model that stands apart from the bad practices that fishermen are victims of.

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